Fluke Instrument Control System

Project Description :

InnoVision Systems has developed a Data logging, Controlling and Reporting Software platform for our customer. The customer requested an automation software for his old Fluke instrument (Fluke Hydra Series II), that allows him to extend the functionality of his instrument, add specific test scenarios, and automate processes.

In this bench-top instrument, it has 21 programmable Analog Input channels that can be configured from the front panel of the instrument in a very time consuming, not efficient way.

The Software developed communicates with the instrument and sends the suitable commands through an RS232 connection to automate the user actions in an automated way, saving a lot of time, speeding up the processes, and adding a lot of features that were not available at the instrument itself.

User can specify how many channels needed, program each channel, apply certain scales, change measurement units, calibrate channels, and start logging data for extended times, all from the software UI. At the end of the test, with just one click, user can generate a Microsoft Office Report based on his template of choice.