Noise & Vibration Measurments Solution

Noise and Vibration Measurments Solution

InnoVision Systems Engineers have developed an off-the-shelf Noise & Vibration Measurements & Analysis System that can be used for advanced Sound & vibration analysis, and in compliance with the ISO 3743 & ISO3745.

The System performs the Tests listed in the ISO 3743 for Reverberation Rooms which are essential for spatial acoustics and reverberation measurements.

Another Test scheme comes for Anechoic/Semi Anechoic rooms in compliance with the ISO 3745 which are essential for Free Field Acoustic measurements.

In addition, the system can connect to a wide range of IEPE Accelerometers to provide vibration acquisition and analysis in conjunction with the sound/noise acquisition and analysis.

The product is customized to any new requirments, which makes it a dynamic solution for any customer, with the ability to add additional tests that is user specific, or in compliance with different standards.