Subsonic Wind Tunnel Data acquisition & Control System

Introduction :

Our Customer in the military contracted us to upgrade his Aircraft design & testing laboratory which is based on a subsonic wind tunnel, by increasing the number of measurement channels and their frequency of acquisition, integrating digital channels and upgrading software and hardware components.

This Solution measures the Aerodynamics characteristics and coefficients of an Aircraft prototypes using strain gauge measurements, with full control on aircraft angle (Motion Control of Pitch & Yaw), Air speed and measuring 64 pressure points.

The Challenge :

To implement a scalable Data Acquisition & Control system that provides precise and fast measurements of bending moments and forces on the Aircraft Body. The challenge relies on controlling the pitch and Yaw angles of the Aircraft body while monitoring, logging and analyzing the wind tunnel measurements. Sophisticated Aerodynamics measurements are developed in order to precisely measure the Aircraft (Model) parameters The System is based on a Sting Balance, where 6 strain gauges are mounted inside it, allowing to measure the Normal forces, side forces, rolling moment, Axial forces. InnoVision systems built the control system that controls the mechanism that changes the aircraft model Pitch and YAW angles, with a feedback from potentiometers on both axis to monitor the current angle of the Model Under Test.