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Our smart vision-inspection features major benefits increasingly valued by product developers for defect detection, including 2D, 3D, Short-Wave IR (SWIR) cameras and lasers that spot and eliminate defective products before they harm your brand.

What we Offer

Inspecting, Positioning, and Classifying your Products


Huge advances in cameras, optics, lasers and lighting, combined with high-speed software and real-time image processing, provide product developers and OEMs with almost unlimited possibilities for product-quality verification, sorting and tracking.


InnoVision Systems has a dedicated team of vision experts innovating with these technologies in our in-house lab to ensure that clients have the most-effective 2D or 3D turnkey solutions they need to reach their production, quality and business goals.


Typical InnoVision Systems client applications include inspecting (confirming correct product assembly and features), positioning (determining exact DUT locations for testing), and classifying (verifying zero-defect quality while sorting and packing).


Vision Systems Deliver Major Benefits


Our real-time image-processing expertise enables us to instantly identify defects based on stored images, while providing you with immediate feedback and production control.


Since we can integrate our vision inspection systems with machine-learned vision technologies and statistical image-processing features, production solutions become even more powerful and flexible over time.

Contour analysis

Label Detection

Injection point detection

Label Shifts

 Achieve Zero Defects with Our Vision Expertise


InnoVision Systems vision inspection and machine vision systems go far beyond human accuracy, delivering unparalleled speed and precision for clients in industries like automotive, consumer electronics and life sciences.

These turnkey systems deliver huge benefits such as brand protection, increased automation and higher yields/throughput.

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Solutions for Automated Vision Inspection

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