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 Household Appliances Test Benches

Standardization Governmental Entities and Home Appliance Manufacturing in Egypt prefers working with InnoVision Systems for home appliances product validation & Testing. We provide a wide range of test benches with scopes that varies from as detailed as components testing, to Energy Efficiency and Performance testing.

Gas/Electric Heaters |  Instantaneous Heaters  |  Thermostats

  • Test benches for Gas/Electric Water heaters.

    Reliability Test benches for testing the Water heaters on end-product level and components level.

    The Reliability test benches we offer evaluate both the water and gas circuits behavior while operation. and provide detailed report on operating life-cycles and components failure and lifetime.


    The Test benches has the ability to locate the faulty components like :

     - Micro-switch malfunction                                    - Gas Solenoid Malfunction

     - Ignition Circuit malfunction                                 - Fume Temperature and over temperature alarms

     - Water Temperature                                               - Various supply voltage levels for battery simulation


    The Test benches can monitor the following :

     - Water inlet pressure                                              - Water outlet temperature

     - Water flow level                                                     - Gas flow level

     - Internal Micro-switch feedback signal              - Internal Gas Solenoid feedback signal

     - Internal Battery Supply Voltage for ignition circuit

     - Power consumption (Electric heaters)              - Thermostats Cycling using MPP tracking (Electric)

  • Components Reliability Testing

    We Provide Heaters Manufacturers with separate test benches for components reliability evaluation. This will help you differentiate between suppliers you deal with in your manufacturing process.


    Test benches covers a wide spectrum of components like :

     - Thermal shocks for Heater Heat Exchanger

     - Pressure shocks for Heater's Heat Exchanger

     - Gas Valve Leakage test bench

     - Pulse test for ignition circuitry testing

     - Solenoid Valve Startup voltage measurements

     - Display Accuracy testing by capturing 7-Segment digits (OCR) and measuring water outlet

  • Test benches for on-demand/instantaneous Heaters

    We Provide Energy Efficiency tests and performance test systems for Instantaneous Heaters manufacturers.

    The test bench is capable of conducting Energy Consumption tests that complies with the

     BS EN 50192-1:2016 & (EU) No. 812/2013.


    The Test bench is designed to include as much units as desired and can test both open-outlet instantaneous water heaters and closed Instantaneous water heaters.


    Tests Covered :

     - Static Efficiency

    - Startup Losses

    - Smart Control Compliance

     - Calculation of Energy Demand

  • Test Bench for Thermostat Array

    This Test Rig contains an array of thermostats that are under test simultaneously , user can test the whole patch of thermostats at a time and replace the desired thermostats whenever required.

    With each Thermostat, a Thermocouple will be mounted directly beside it’s sensing tip , in order to capture the exact temperature at which this specific thermostats gave a contact.


    User will see the status of all thermostats on the PC Monitor, the current temperature of its adjacent thermocouple and the On/OFF time for each thermostat

Gas/Electric Cookers  |  Gas/Electric Ovens  |  Steam Ovens  |  Grills  |  Gas/Electric Stoves

  • Test benches for Gas  and Electric Cookers.

    The Gas & Electric Cookers Tests bench validates the cooker design based on the following measurements and feedback :


    For each cooker test station :

     - 544 Temperature points that accurately maps the heat distribution on all cooker sides

     - Gas pressure setpoint controlling using PID control (0-100 mbar)

     - Gas flow Totalizer to monitor the current and accumulated consumption.

    - Total Efficiency & individual stove Efficiency Measurements and Energy Consumption.

    - Thermostat Cycle Detection using Maximum Point Tracking

    - Power Consumption Measurements

    - Internal Motors (e.g. fans) Temperature calculation

    - Nominal Power & Reduced Power Measurements

    - Total Appliance Power

    - Oven Maintenance tests



  • Test benches for Electric Ovens , Steam Ovens and Grills

    We Provide Energy Efficiency tests for Electric Ovens, Steam Ovens and Grills.

    The purpose of these tests is to assess the performance of the oven and combi-steam oven in relation to preheating, functioning of the control and energy consumption.


    The performance is also assessed by means of cooking tests.

     For Electric oven we cover the following tests :

      - Preheating Tests

      - Accuracy of Temperature Control

      - Energy Consumption & Time for Heating a Load (standard loads like Test Bricks)

      - Heat Distribution (EN 60350)

     - Ability to Supply Heat

    For Steam oven we cover the following tests :

     - Distribution of Steam

     - Ability to Supply Steam

     - Performance Test with Maximum Load

TV Sets  |  Audio Equipment

  • Energy Efficiency Tests for TV Sets

    Offering energy efficiency testing laboratory with testing equipment and test software based :

      - IEC 62087: Methods of measurement for the power consumption of audio, video and related equipment.

      - European directive (EU) No 1062/2010.

    The Test lab include the following tests :

     - Dark Room measurements

     - ABC sensor tests

     - Screen luminance and Illumination measurements

    - Determination of Power Consumption in ON Mode,

        (Testing for Static Video , Dynamic Broadcast, Internet-Content Video signal)

    - Determination of Power Consumption in Partial ON Mode

        (Testing for Stand-by Passive , Stand-by active)

    - Determination of Power Consumption in OFF Mode

    - Determination of Peak Luminance Ratio & Power Factor

    - Power Consumption using various patterns (Dynamic video signal , Bar Video signal,

  • Performance Testing for TV Sets

    Offering Performance testing laboratory with testing equipment and test software for evaluating TV Sets performance.

    • Simultaneous testing for multiple HDMI outputs—all active simultaneously—for testing HDTVs with multiple HDMI inputs. This eliminates the need for splitters often required for testing each HDMI input on an HDTV.
    • Testing for component analog and composite analog video as well as HDMI. Switching between video timings and images in fast testing scenarios
    • 3D Video testing ncluding tests for HDMI protocols such as HDCP, EDID and CEC.
    • Testing of compressed and uncompressed HDMI audio formats using a variety of audio test signals.
    • Testing of  HDTV’s analog audio inputs

    Our Test stands  provide the necessary features and functions for testing HDTVs on a production and are offered an attractive price. Contact us

  • Energy Efficiency Tests & Performance Tests for Audio Equipment

    Offering energy efficiency testing laboratory with testing equipment and test software based :

      - IEC 62087: Methods of measurement for the power consumption of audio, video and related equipment.

      - European directive (EU) No 1062/2010.

    The Test lab include the following tests :

     - Acoustic Environment tests : Semi-anechoic and fully-anechoic rooms

     - Power Consumption of Audio Equipment

     - Sound pressure level measurements

     - Acoustic Power distribution

     - Octave analysis & Frequency Response



Refrigerators Testing  |  Compressors Testing

  • Energy Efficiency Tests & Performance Tests for Refrigerators


  • Start-ability Tests for Refrigerant Compressors


  • High-Temperature Tests for Refrigerant Compressors



  • Overload Tests for Refrigerant Compressors

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