Instrument Control & ATE

Instrument Control ATE

Bench-top or standalone instruments, such as Oscilloscopes, Function Generators, Signal analyzers, programmable power supplies ... etc, are mandatory in every laboratory, whether it is a research facility or an industrial one.

Such instruments can be controlled using a PC, what if you can control all the instruments you have using your PC, extract the data from them, extend the processing of the data collected, log the data for offline analysis, rather than doing it all using the keys and knobs available in the instrument’s front panel.

InnoVision Systems can provide you a customized software that can control all of your instruments using one seat (PC), you can even have the ability to control the instruments from your home and retrieve the data being displayed or processed.

We Also provide ATE’s (Automatic Testing Equipments) with customized software to operate a certain test procedure (Telecommunication testing, Antenna Assessments, military specialty tests ... etc.)