Sound and Vibration

Analysis of acoustics and vibration signals is critical in a variety of industries. From vibration Analysis now you can monitor the Machine’s condition, whether the machine or product is in conformity with the International ISO standards of Noise & Vibration, Whether it has a crack in a shaft, needs lubrication, etc. Even without opening the machine for ordinary inspection our solutions can provide you with the probable predictive maintenance to the machine under inspection.

Typical machines include motors, pumps, fans, gear boxes, compressors, turbines, Conveyors, rollers, engines, and machine tools that have rotational elements. The rotating elements of these machines generate vibrations at specific frequencies that Identify the rotating elements. The amplitude of the vibration indicates the performance or quality of machine. An increase in the vibration amplitude is a direct result of failing rotational elements such as bearings or gears. Based on the machine speed, the rotational frequencies can be calculated and compared to the measurements to identify the failure mode.

Faults Identified by Vibration Analysis: There are several faults in rotating machinery that can be identified by measuring and analyzing the vibration generated by the machine.

  • Machine out of balance
  • Machine out of alignment
  • Resonance
  • Bent shafts
  • Gear mesh disturbances
  • Blade pass disturbances
  • Vane pass disturbances
  • Recirculation & Cavitation
  • Motor faults (rotor & stator)
  • Bearing failures
  • Mechanical looseness
  • Critical machine speeds
Failed Motor Bearing